Whether you need complete project management for large projects and renovations or simply need assistance selecting colors, furnishings or finishes for smaller projects, we can take your design goals from dream to reality. Throughout Southern Oregon—Ashland, Medford and beyond—we do a variety of residential design projects including renovations, additions, new construction along with smaller projects such as designing a single room, choosing paint colors, or selecting window coverings.
We’ve seen it all before: an outdated bathroom, a kitchen layout that doesn’t function, a hideous color scheme from a bygone era, an older home with a dark and closed off floor plan, or a renovation that went off the rails because of an unreliable contractor. They might seem like difficult design dilemmas, but we love to take these challenges and turn them into something beautiful. As part of our Residential Design services we can
  • Develop a plan that turns your vision into functional design
  • Create drawings including floor plans, elevations, & 3D renderings
  • Assist in the selection of materials & finishes including paint, furnishings, cabinetry, lighting and window coverings
  • Handle all aspects of project management including all of the scheduling and coordination of contractors and custom trade workers
  • And so much more!

Our Residential Design Process

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Scope of work + Occupants + Client Goals + Project Timeline + Preliminary Budget

Step 2

Schematic Design

New Client Intake Form + Design Proposal Agreement + Retainer Fee + Measure and Photograph Site + Preliminary Design Presentation

Step 3

Final Design

Feedback and Revisions + Approval on Design, Materials, etc.


Step 4

Procurement + Installation

Review drawings with GC, subs, etc. + Review Budget with Client + Place Orders for Product + Oversee Installation of Furnishings and Design + Site Visits and Check-Ins with GC and Client
custom hearth fireplace

Step 5

Project Completion

Ensure Client Satisfaction + Final Payment + Space is Ready for Use

General Contractor Partnerships

Strong relationships help us provide high quality service

‍We are all about developing strong relationships not just with our clients but with our vendors and contractors too. We spend the time to get to know our clients—what they like and what they don’t. As we build relationships, it becomes easier to suggest materials and design ideas knowing that they will line up with their personalities and design goals.


Good communication is the basis for any strong relationship,and we make it a point to be available for questions or concerns. They know they can get a hold of us when they need to. We are masters of juggling the million and one necessary communications throughout a project—between clients,contractors, & vendors.

‍Relax, we’ve got it covered

‍Renovation and design projects can be stressful at times but, our clients know that we take care of everything. They can put their feet up and enjoy the process.

Organization is key

We take organization seriously. There’s no such thing as too many spreadsheets, plans, elevations, 3D renderings, etc. when it comes to ensuring we have clearly conveyed the design message. Most budgets can’t afford any mistakes.
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